Freelance Speechwriting

Over a decade of political and business speechwriting experience at the highest international levels, including:

  • Speechwriting for José Manuel Barroso, former President of the European Commission. Writing 2-3 speeches per week for significant, high-profile events, including his State of the Union speeches.
  • Writing speeches on a wide variety of policy issues at a crucial time of economic crisis in the EU, from economic and financial policy to climate change and education policy.
  • Audiences included the European Parliament, national lawmakers, industry bodies, think tanks and NGOs in Brussels and across Europe.

Globalspeeches by Melanie Dunn

  • Speechwriting for Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser of Qatar for five years.
  • Writing Sheikha Moza’s highly publicised speeches for events including the UN General Assembly, UN World Education Forum in South Korea, World Innovation Summit for Education alongside First Lady Michelle Obama, launch of her Educate A Child initiative in Doha and her acceptance speech for the George Bush Award for Distinguished Public Service alongside President Bush.
  • Writing Sheikha Moza’s speaking points for panel discussions alongside other UNESCO Special Envoys and leading education figures.
  • Media relations: Maximising the impact of Sheikha Moza’s speeches by extending their reach far beyond the room, e.g. writing anop-ed article published in TIME, letters to the Editor and working with her to prepare for interviews, such as Lunch with the FT, Washington Post and BBC.
  • Writing speeches, presentations and video messages for the CEO and Chairman of GEMS Education in Dubai.
  • Freelance speechwriting for a variety of CEOs, heads of foundations, diplomats and other high-profile individuals in the Middle East and Europe.
  • Drafting speeches and presentations for the CEOs and directors of Cambridge Assessment, part of the University of Cambridge.


I have designed and delivered training to groups and individuals across Europe and the Middle East in:


I have developed and implemented strategies for global organisations and high-level executives/leaders in:

  • Internal communications–developing digital platforms, video message strategies, staff events and managing internal magazine publication
  • Leadership communications–advising and managing events, speechwriting, leadership PR
  • Public relations–devising and implementing PR strategies and plans, running agency RFPs and managing agencies
  • Media relations –direct relationship-building with target media, managing high-profile interviews
  • Thought leadership –managing and delivering blogs and podcasts, communicating research and evidence