Helping leaders to communicate authentically

Global Speeches by Melanie Dunn


Melanie Dunn is the founder and director of Global Speeches – an international speechwriting, training, editing and communications consultancy.

She is one of the top political and business speechwriters in the world and has over 15 years experience working at the highest levels of governments and companies globally.

Melanie’s first role writing speeches was for the President of the European Commission. Since then she has written speeches for royals, CEOs of multinational companies, executive chairmen, bankers, lawyers, educators and celebrities.

Based out of the Cambridge, UK and Brussels, Belgium, Melanie specialises in helping leaders to communicate authentically and provides services in:

  • Speechwriting, preparing presentations, drafting TED talks and video messages
  • Training teams or individuals in writing for the spoken word, public speaking, PR and copywriting
  • strategic communications and thought leadership, including message development and writing op-eds, blogs and articles;
  • editing and drafting a full range of communications materials, from press releases to research reports.

If you or your organisation need a speech, Melanie will listen to your requirements, analyse your audience, research your topic, and work with you to deliver just the words you need

Melanie specialises in cutting through large amounts of noise and information to build a simple and compelling message. With a sharp eye for detail, impeccable English and fluent French, she is also a citizen of the world and is passionate about geopolitics.

She is an excellent listener and loves to use her talents to help others to deliver the best speeches they can. So if you have a speech to be prepared, contact Global Speeches by Melanie Dunn.